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Smart Quest Pvt Ltd is a well-established company that focuses on providing most sustainable people and process transformation solutions in the Region. Smart Quests’ humble beginning was in 2006 since then we have transformed our business immensely and we now operate as Smart Quest Pvt Ltd, a preferred service provider in Organisational Development Consulting, Coaching, Training, Executive Search, Outsourcing and Higher Education to many leading Businesses. We are enriched by a team of Local and international Consultants, Coaches and Trainers that span over 34 countries.

We continuously strive for turning around People, Business Processes and Policies to achieve sustainable outcomes. Smart Quest is promoted by professionals having rich experience and passion in People and Process Development. The knowledge, talent pool, expertise and goodwill of Smart Quest are unrivalled. We follow best practices in designing customer solutions. Our flexible approach and engagement allows clients to choose the best model that suit their specific requirement. Smart Quest as a high spirited organisation is beholden to our clients, our consultants and our staff.

Our Philosophy of improving the quality of human lives and optimizing work performance has proven to be of paramount importance for our success.
We tap into inner potential and create insight to courageously move forward. We collaborate the right people to enable creative thinking and facilitate transformation. We engage with our clients, we energize and enable them to evolve. We believe in positively impacting our community and shaping the future.
“The most desired Organisational and Social transformation specialist in the region”
Core Values “SQ DRIVE”

Values of
Smart Quest

We are value driven, and we rally around our team, customers and key stakeholder in defining, creating and driving these values. Our Values are our Conscious guide they are embedded everywhere in our business processes, interactions in the way of being. We believe our values are what define us and we collaborate around our values to drive our business all the way to success.
We work towards our vision. Our conversations are focused on what we dream to achieve. We always move forward in everything we do.
We Treat people with courtesy, politeness, and kindness and encourage our team to express opinions and ideas. We accept and recognize each other’s differences.
We choose to be honest in all our interactions. We consciously create and build a sense of trust. We support each other to turn failures into positive results. Our actions are consistent with our words.
We develop and celebrate our people, and elevate the communities we touch. We focus on how to build real value for the world in everything we do.
We build diverse teams that connect expertise to create innovative solutions. Going big enables us to build more things, learn faster and collaborate better with our partners.
More than just business

Our Unique

SQ Consultants will deep dive to understand the current and future strategic business priorities of people and process development to identify the bottom line leveraging points in developing collaborative results for our clients.

Our 4E-Engagement Model is the backbone of our Consultancy, Leadership Development and Coaching interventions. We help our clients to EXPLORE their capabilities, directions, possibilities, and strengths by raising awareness. We formulate customized solutions to ENERGISE and co-create required formula that will ENGAGE management and employees to create cross functional synergies. We help create a clear mindset which supports optimal performance and EVOLVE sustainable outstanding results.

Dlagnose and Define Strategic Objectives
Define future Core Capabilities & Build
Synerglze People, Processes & Strategies
Sustain & Grow Creative Results
SQ’s initiative begins with a consultation to understand the organization's unique culture - unwritten rules, values, norms, behaviors and practices. Thereafter SQ’s Explorative process designs a customized intervention by designing scope & deliverables. The project teams will carefully draw-out drivers conduct diagnostic studies to ensure that the outcomes are clearly determined. A roadmap of reaching the desired outcomes will be clearly drawn out to ensure accountability at all stages.
SQ’s initiative at this stage involves integrating with the internal team through a Shared Visioning exercise & creating readiness where the management structure and the activity plan around each stage of activity will be clearly drawn out with the accountabilities of each party. The Operating model will be designed to ensure that the key change agents are trained and developed to sustain the momentum.
At this stage SQ provides process level intervention and looks at the process generation and re-engineering, people interventions are facilitated through one-on sessions, group facilitations and class room sessions to create the mindset required and behaviors that need to be demonstrated throughout the organisation. The various Training, coaching and consultation interventions will be designed for different levels within the organisation to create continuous improvement.
SQ’s initiative in terms of Post-engagement follow-up is available in a variety of formats to encourage continued learning and development. Small group interactions and optional practice sessions offer skilled practice in a feedback-rich environment. SQ embeds data analysis and reporting to validate effectiveness and ensure that learning is practical and applicable. Our goal is to building capability into your organization so development of people and processes are ongoing and effective.

Your Business
Why Choose Us
  • We work towards restoring and improving self-confidence, improve relationships, communication and work-life balance through enhancing management and employee engagement.
  • ­­Our Consultants take a sincere interest and genuinely looks at how we can help your oragnisation reach its potential. We personally invest ourselves in each and every project we work on. Our programs will provide your business with a clear roadmap to increase sustainable Performance.
  • We diligently provide feed-forward support and professional de-briefs to our clients, based on a wide range of assessment tools and customized surveys which give our clients an opportunity to find and leverage development points scientifically.
  • ­­We are responsive, flexible and agile. We adapt as your needs change, with speed and efficiency ensuring reliability in our interventions.
  • ­­We collaborate and co-create solutions so that your team will be empowered enabling them to evolve.
  • Our Services in Professional Coaching, Consultancy, Training, Recruitment, Headhunting and HR Outsourcing Services will enhance productivity by improved work performance, business management and team effectiveness in achieving desired outcomes.
  • The first Professional Coaching Skills Training provider in Sri Lanka, having trained and nurtured 100+ coaches who have built a rich resource panel to create positive impact to the larger community.
  • We have developed professional coaches in Sri Lanka through our Smart Quest Institute of Coaching & Mentoring (SQICM).
  • We have more than 10 years of proven experience with success stories in assisting organisations in aligning their most valued human resources towards the company vision achievement.
  • ­­Our Experienced and qualified Coaches and Consultants formulate strategies to enhance performance and help you to achieve sustainable results.
  • We are truly global in what we do; our integrated resource panel locally and internationally are credentialed ICF coaches, consultants and change facilitators.

Our Board of Directors

Jayantha Fernando,

PCC, Executive Coach, Business Consultant

Jayantha is Sri Lanka’s first Credentialed Coach holds Professional Certified Coach from International Coach Federation, USA. Jayantha is widely acknowledged for his rich experiences in conducting experiential learning seminars, coaching, and consultancy in Sri Lanka and the Region. He has more than 10 years’ experience in the field of leadership and people development; he is also cross culturally experienced, having worked in over 6 countries across Asia. An articulate and highly energetic trainer/ coach, he is able to speak passionately and inspire deeply. He is a sought after transformational speaker and trainer, firmly committed to advancing the art, science and practice of professional coaching and helping many others to become Certified Coaches in Sri Lanka.

Andrea Jayatilleka,

PCC, Executive Coach, Business Consultant

Andrea is a Credentialed Coach holds Associate Certified Coach from International Coach Federation. Andrea has over 15 years of experience in the field of people development; she inspires individuals and groups by engaging with them through individual and group coaching. Andrea is a specialist focused on business partnering in HRM & HRD strategy, Learning and development, employee engagement and knowledge management. She has over 15 year experience in the areas of finance, international trade, Human resources Development, recruitment, headhunting and talent development. She has extensive experience in the area of Competency based Assessment Centers, Employee Satisfaction Survey Administration, Vulnerability assessment tools and Succession planning.

Anil Bandara,

Executive Coach, Business Consultant

Anil is a preferred business consultant specialized in Retail & Strategic Development. He is a Member of the International Coach Federation. The creative energies drawing out of 22 years of experience in senior management with leading retailers, the passion for retail and business has ensued capabilities of effectively linking vision to Business Strategy Development. His exposure covers a broad cross section including retail, Sales, Marketing, HR and Change Management. With strong knowledge in retail operations, supply chain management, data driven expertise and long term strategic planning, Anil has contributed to diversified companies in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal through start-up, survival, turnaround and growth modes.
The most desired Organisational and Social transformation specialist in the region
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