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We enable transformation of leaders to effectively run organisations for greater results

Coaching Services

Our Coaching practice is a confidential, individually tailored engagement designed to meet your coaching needs which may be individual, team or at an organizational context. All our coaches follow professional ethical standards laid down by the ICF Code of Ethics and continue to professionally develop them to give you the best value for your investment.


Personal Executive Coaching

SQ Transformative Executive coaching is an experiential and individualized leader development process that aims to eliminate an executive’s long-term dependency on his/her coach and teach habits of learning and self-reflection that will last a lifetime, enabling him to keep developing throughout his career.

Executive coaching involves three levels of learning: tactical problem solving; developing leadership capabilities and new ways of thinking and acting that generalize to other situations and roles; and ‘learning how to learn’. Learning how to learn means developing skills and habits of self-reflection that ensure that learning will continue after coaching.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching is a developmental process for leaders at any level to be more effective in their leadership role and to enhance their individual and collective effectiveness.

Leaders need Leadership Coaching when they find it difficult to make the difference they need in their work space, even though they have all the technical excellence, knowledge and resources to achieve a desired outcome. Leadership coaching interventions create consciousness within the leader which supports to create a collective consciousness, enhance communication, creativity, decision making, and teamwork.

Life Coaching

We partner with you in a thought –provoking and creative manner and create safety and trust for you to explore courageously and deeply and inspire you to maximize your personal and professional potential for you to thrive in every situation.

We are sure that you are aspiring to live your life in keeping with what’s important to you. With our SQ life coaching practice, we will help you to take a stock and get clear, regain control and stay focused to enjoy a balance in your life

Career Transition Coaching

Everyone goes through different transitions in life and shifting careers is often challenging. SQ Career Transitions Coaching intends to support in avoiding possible confrontations due to the sudden change when you move through critical transitions in your career and help you in making the most of your new start.

With SQ Career Transition Coaching, we support our clients by identifying the best path forward and navigating them through challenging transitions while enabling them to witness the positive opportunities that may lie ahead.


Action Learning Group/Team Coaching

SQ Group/Team Coaching is a coaching process that supports the team members to get in to the heart of the matter, explore vision and set goals towards a desired/preferred future, and action plan to get there and support achieve the vision/outcome.

SQ Group/Team coaching makes the difference to teams and organizations to heighten awareness through a scientific approach of facilitating an assessment individually as well as to the Group/Team. Team coaching thereafter takes off by co-creating developmental outcomes through a tripartite agreement and empowering members of the team to deepen their learning and transfer their awareness and learning into more actionable behavioral changes for the Group/Team. SQ Coaches facilitate reviewing of Group/Team and individual goals and leadership development progress will be reviewed and next steps will be co-created in moving forward

Performance Coaching

SQ Performance coaching practice will help you to increase the team’s effectiveness and productivity at work. We would train you to coach your team members on a daily basis. Employees today expect their managers to be their coaches, organisation have realized that it’s a managers responsibility to provide coaching for their staff on an everyday basis.

Coaching skills can be used to set targets meaningfully and specifically help the team members to overcome obstacles that are holding them back to stretch goal performance, so they fulfill their full potential.

Entrepreneurs and Business Coaching

If you are an aspiring business owner or a managing director of a small to medium sized enterprise (SME) or looking forward to make them more successful, Our experienced business coaching practice will help you to create a clear shared vision grounded in a strong mission and goals for short term and long term success, co-creating business plans and developing marketing plans and review existing company processes.

As a small business owner or an entrepreneur you may find it is a challenge to invest time and effort to work with organizations and people and build strong business relationship that may give results in the long run. You may be finding it difficult as an owner to let go the set of assumptions that brought you to where your business is today and embrace a new set of assumption that you need to have to lead the business to the next level. Business owners who are struggling with the above can find answers to these challenges and any others they may be dealing with. Coaching helps owners overcome any challenge with personalized instruction and goal setting. With SQ Business coaching sessions, a business coach can then help an owner become accountable and really take “Action” and begin to run the small business they’ve always dreamt of running.


Searching for a First-Class Consultant?


Searching for a First-Class Consultant?

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