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Transformative Coaching Testimonials

Awesome program !

This is an awesome program and it comes with a lot of insights and realizations this is what i enjoyed most in this program. It’s all about simple conversations and I should appreciate Jayantha and Andrea’s passion and love towards changing others and creating that sustainable change. So if you believe in sustainable change, if you want to create that impact around you, this is one of the best programs for you to join.
Charitha Bandara
Corporate Trainer/Consultant

Overall this is a great program !

Overall this is a great program that I can recommend to anybody who wants to learn coaching. What I enjoyed most is the practical approach, the theory backed by the practical. If I were to talk about the trainers, yeah, super trainers, both trainers complemented each other with the wisdom they hold, and the great facilitation they provide throughout the program.
Prabhash Hettiarachchi
Group General Manager


This transformative coaching program gives you the fundamentals of what coaching really is and that’s what I really liked about it. Along with that what I also found was that it is amazing to see how easy it was to learn all these content over the 4 days. Life’s going to change for you and with coaching there is a different approach that comes to it and this has impacted a new learning curve within me. The trainers, Andrea and Jayantha, they are amazing! The pair is just brilliant together, they keep this very interesting, no matter where you come from, who you are they can really connect with you on a personal level and that’s what’s unique about the two of them together and I really do love their style of training.
Gadjen Suryakumar
Communication Coach & Outbound Trainer

Really good!

This program has been really good so far. I’m enjoying every part of it. I don’t feel like I’m just a learner I’m also practically experiencing what it would be like if I turn out to be a coach. First I would like to talk about how this program has impacted me so far. When I got into the subject of learning coaching, I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into but now with all the knowledge and discussions we’ve had so far with the prior reading and course wok, it has given me a lot of inspiration and confidence to learn the subject further and also to help people out there to make a change. The trainers have been really cooperative, supportive, loving and they’ve been there for us.
Ms. Fathima Fazla
English Lecturer

Great Clients Awesome Reviews

NLP Testimonials

The way Ramesh ran this training was splendid and highly impressive. His attention to detail in terms of individuals and how he interacts and engages the individuals and the class on the whole is Fantastic. It is attractive and keeps you wondering of what comes next.

Indika Gamage

Senior Manager Factory Operations

The style of training was Invisible, meaning the teaching was done in a way we taught ourselves and the realization of that I was being taught without my knowledge is the wow factor for me.

Sudeshika De Silva


It was training beyond techniques and tools. I had many life changing epiphanies and life transforming unique learning experiences. I would say, expect the unexpected!

Tehan Muhandiramge

Certified Pega Senior System Architect

Great Clients Awesome Reviews

Diploma in Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching was new area for me that’s why I thought of studying about coaching because as everyone said Training and coaching blends so well and I wanted to be a better conversationalist at home and everywhere I go. So at smart Quest everyday was a new day and it was a beginning for us and we had a faculty of professional lecturers who taught us what coaching is, and we practiced coaching not Only we just learned things in theory, but we practiced what we learned.

Smart Quest is a place where they adhere to the ICF standards and they give their best for their students. It was a great time we had in Smart Quest and we always looked forward to being in Smart Quest because we enjoyed the time here a lot. We learned, we unlearned about ourselves and I think we unlocked our potential by being in Smart Quest and with the team at Smart Quest.

Rukshi Panditharatne

News Reader & a Trainer

I believe every person in their life will face problems from the day they are born till death. But sometimes we try to solve our own problems the way we know which may not be the right thing. But through knowing Coaching, you will get a powerful way to handle your difficult situations and come up with own solutions.

I found Smart Quest conducting this course and they do a very good job and they have a panel of coaches who take a very good keen and teach all the students and specially this a very small batch so they give you more attention and open for any question enabling you to excel the topic. I invite all the professionals to come and join this program and you can be a better person in your professional life and your personal life and this will help you be a better human being also.

Ashraf Yuzuf

HR & Training Manager

When it comes to coaching it’s kind of a turning point in my life where it helped me to understand who I am and achieve many things in my career and personal life.

So, when it comes to Smart Quest, we have professionals who are qualified from ICF and they are really supportive to us and this is the best place I think where we can learn coaching.

I would say Coaching is something new to Sri Lanka, even though in other countries, it’s something there but in here in Sri Lanka it’s something new and at the same time when it comes to standards maintained by Smart Quest, they maintain highly professional standards and at the moment I think they are the only institute who are bringing professional coaching in Sri Lanka. So I would like to invite all the people out there who are professionals and non-professionals as well to come here and learn what it is, it helps you to achieve so many things in your life and in order to realize things in your life it will be really helpful for everyone, professionally and in personal life as well.

Ravindu Gunasekara


I was looking for a coaching and mentoring course for a long time then I found this course at Smart Quest Pvt Ltd and then I decided to join. Actually I must say that I learned a lot about coaching and mentoring during the course and the learning and the inspiration is very high and I’m a mother also so the knowledge and the insights I gained from the great teachers here is huge. So I’m benefiting the learnings in my family life as well as my professional life. So I request and invite others also, specially leaders in all the streams to join with Smart Quest and learn about coaching specially get to know how to act like a coach. Thank You.

Chulani Seneviratne

Training & Development Manager

Why I started coaching is I thought coaching would be beneficial for me to develop my team. That was the initial point then I came to Smart Quest but after the learning coaching was a turning point in my life. It was not only the team or developing my team it was beneficial for my life as well. Now I can think differently and I feel a change. I look at things in a different way and I don’t have the stress at all which I had earlier in my work space. So that was a change. It was beneficial for me as a person in my personal life as well as my career.

Talking about the Smart Quest, it was a different learning experience. It was a full journey with theories in align with the ICF standards and delivered by a professional team who are accredited, and we really were given the chance to practice it. That was the best thing. We had a good team it was a home like feeling and we really had the chance to practice it.

Coaching is not like you collect some books and then you think you are a coach. you need to practice it. Practicing is the key for coaching which was given to me at Smart Quest. So that’s the best thing. So I recommend people to come and learn coaching at Smart Quest. So it will be a different experience and also you will feel that coaching is not what you think. It gives the opportunity to open yourself to a different world.


Engineer & Project Manager


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Searching for a First-Class Consultant?

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