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Human Capability Development

Transformative Coaching - Coach Certification Programme

A Revolutionary Approach to Enable Sustainable Change. A globally delivered program advancing human potential and aligning potential with performance.

Approved by ICF – International Coaching Federation, our transformative coaching training program offers an exciting and powerful approach to enable authentic lasting change. Transformative Coaching is for professional Coaches, business leaders, managers and executives who hold the desire to develop a ‘Coaching Management Style’ and integrate coaching conversation into their managerial skillset to produce positive change.

This 4 days highly experiential programme will facilitate you in creating clearly defined goals and specific action plans for success by enabling you to access untapped potential and challenge limiting behaviors of your people as an effective leader.


Core Training for Professional Coaching

  • Improve your Professional and Personal life. The ability to apply proven success Coaching Model-FRAME.
  • Become a great leader in your organization with new learned coaching skills and coaching style to inspire and influence people. Engage your staff towards company goals and a shared vision and improve productivity and commitment at workplace.
  • Master the art of communication, build better relationships with those around you and the ability to help people uncover what is important to them through the coaching process and powerful questions.
  • Master Motivator: Gain coaching tools to motivate your staff, facilitate their learning, towards a breakthrough performance.
  • This programme is offered by the coach masters academy Singapore in partnership with Smart quest Consult Pvt Ltd.

Mentor Coaching

SQ mentor coaching program has been developed specifically for those who want to transform themselves form “doing coaching” to “being a coach”. On your journey to mastery of coaching, SQ mentor coaching program will deepen your skills, core coaching competencies and guide you, correct you and enhance coaches awareness to demonstrate higher level of standard according to the ICF Core Competency assessment criteria. Furthermore, our mentor coaching approach will cater to your learning style and will help you to stand on a solid foundation with confidence and self-acceptance and self -worthiness.

We will give you guidance and laser sharp, specific feedback and actionable suggestions to optimize your coaching approach and techniques.

NLP at Work - Certification Programme

(Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Finding the Essence of Excellence in Your Work & Personal Life

These workshops will take you on a wonderful journey to explore Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The core of NLP is modeling excellence of top performers as well as explaining how different people organise their thinking, feeling, language and behaviour to produce the results they achieve. Exploring and Experiencing NLP, helps you to understand yourself, change habits and behaviours that hold you back and develop behaviours that support success. NLP is about achieving your dreams and desires – it is about enjoying a better life today.

This programme is leading to NLP certification backed by ANLP – Association of NLP and this opens the pathway to qualify yourself as an NLP business practitioner or master practitioner or NLP Trainer.

Leadership Mastery

Your Pathway

Our Products

NLP at Work Foundation Program (02 days)
For beginners who are interested in learning the fundamentals of NLP at work and how the application of NLP at work will benefit them.

NLP at Work Business Practitioner Program (05 days)
For the professionals who would like to get them certified as NLP business practitioners.

NLP at Work Master Practitioner (08 days)
For the NLP practitioners who are holding the desire in progressing to the Mastery level.

NLP at Work Trainer Program (08 Days)
For the professionals who would like to certify them as NLP trainers.


Searching for a First-Class Consultant?


Searching for a First-Class Consultant?

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