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Manager – Operations & Business Development

A strategic and results-oriented leader, Kushani thrives in the dynamic world of people and organizational development (OD) consulting. With 6 years of experience, she possess a unique blend of business development expertise and operational excellence. Kushani spearheads the growth of the company by identifying new business opportunities, forging strategic partnerships, and securing lucrative client engagements. Her keen understanding of client needs translates into customized OD solutions that drive measurable performance improvements. Internally, Kushani fosters a high-performing team environment, streamlining operations and ensuring efficient project delivery. Her commitment to quality extends to talent development, mentoring consultants and fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Senior Executive - HR & Operations

Amanda has been committed to developing and supporting organizations to create leaders to make a difference for the past 04 years. Amanda also has been supporting Smart Quest trainers with facilitating training for the top companies in Sri Lanka and also has experience working in major HR consultancy projects for Sri Lankan companies. She also has been handling all the functions in the recruitment headhunting, background investigations and other HR management functions. She has been supporting leaders in different industries building a strong relationship with them and understanding their real time requirements with her knowledge about Human Resource Management and experience.

Senior HR Executive

Hansani is a recruitment consultant who has gained experience in recruitment, headhunting, and HR outsourced activities and maintaining client relationships. Her specialty is attracting top talent that not only meets the skill requirements but also aligns with the company culture. She is capable in the end-to-end recruitment process which is sourcing, screening, short listing, assessing candidates and supporting to arrange interviews to ensure precise alignment with clients' diverse industry needs. She has a good understanding of recruitment, coupled with hands-on experience across various Human Resources outsourcing functions, underscores her expertise.

HR Executive

Chamathka is a recruitment consultant who has gained her experience during the last 1 1/2 years by handling the total recruitment cycle, proceeding background verifications and HR outsourced activities while maintaining client relationships. She has the ability to understand the client‟s real requirements and source the suitable profiles through various platforms by building a strong relationship with candidates. She is capable of screening, testing, arranging interviews, guiding candidates to match with client‟s requirements in any industry. She has in-depth knowledge & experience about the recruitment industry with strong track record ability.

Junior HR Executive

Nethma is a dedicated recruitment & HR professional with experience in comprehensive recruitment processes, ranging from sourcing to screening and interviewing, and a focus on identifying top-tier talent. Committed to conducting thorough background checks to ensure quality placements. Adept at nurturing client relationships, securing job orders, and maintaining seamless communication between clients and candidates.

Junior Marketing Executive

Hafsa is responsible for promoting our brand and engaging our audience. This encompasses content creation, social media management, data analysis, and campaign coordination. Furthermore, she contributes to various marketing initiatives and stays informed about industry trends to drive business growth for Smart Quest.

Marketing Assistant

Shalindi is an upcoming digital marketer who is specializing herself in social media marketing, content writing and email marketing. She has the passion for leveraging the latest trends and technologies to drive impactful campaigns.

Marketing Trainee

Irshad specialize in crafting engaging social media content to enhance our brand visibility and drive audience engagement. Additionally, actively contribute to lead generation efforts by identifying and nurturing potential prospects through strategic initiatives and effective communication channels. His role encompasses a blend of content creation, social media management, lead generation, and other marketing activities aimed at fostering brand growth and audience connection for Smart Quest.

Searching for a First-Class Consultant?


Searching for a First-Class Consultant?

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