The Hidden Cost of Toxic Workplace Environment

Many companies prioritize enhancing their monetary benefits as a strategy to attract and retain employees, thereby also appealing to the broader society. While this approach can indeed be effective in attracting talent, it often falls short in retaining employees when the company fails to address another crucial factor. However, if we do examine closely, there...

Insights: A Growth Mindset Opens Opportunities

By: Shiyara Dassanayake You may have heard of ‘fixed’ and ‘growth’ mindsets.   The mindset that we hold for ourselves is often created through the assumptions and expectations that we set for ourselves based on the lens that we use to filter the world around us.   The human brain is said to be composed...


By: Jayantha Fernando. Throughout history, human beings have developed the natural ability to be passionate and resilient, move forward to do things we want, get something we want, and be someone we like. Our ability to be focused our desired outcomes, even when things are not going so well is the growth mindset that helps...

The Art of Embracing Change while Holding on to Your Essence.

In the whirlwind of life’s changes, I’ve come to understand that the journey isn’t just about reaching a destination but about embracing the constant shifts in the landscape. Accepting change while fiercely holding on to my authentic self has a guiding principle in my personal narrative. Change can be unsettling, pushing us beyond our comfort...

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