My Role as a Coach: Redefined

Kushani Bandara
Professional Transformational Coach
Senior Marketing & Operations Executive


Reflecting on my role as a coach, I am reminded of the delicate balance between evoking awareness and provoking/challenging our clients. Being compassionate doesn’t always mean softness; it means being firm and unwavering in our commitment to their growth.

In the realm of choice conversations, a powerful question emerges: “What is it that you can start to prepare for?” This question acts as a catalyst for introspection, encouraging clients to delve into the proactive steps they can take towards their goals. It’s about cultivating a mindset of readiness, setting the stage for transformative change.

As I guide my clients, I often find myself urging them to “prepare the land for what it doesn’t have.” In the context of change, this prompts a critical inquiry: What is the one thing you can start to prepare? It’s about identifying the crucial element that will lay the foundation for their readiness to embrace change.

This process goes beyond mere contemplation; it’s a journey of cultivating the soil of their aspirations. It involves nurturing the ground, removing obstacles, and sowing the seeds of transformation. By addressing this fundamental question, we equip our clients to navigate change with resilience and purpose.

In the coaching space, compassion is not just about understanding; it’s about propelling our clients toward action. It’s about being the gentle force that nudges them towards self-discovery and the courage to embrace change. So, here’s to the art of preparation, to cultivating the fertile ground for growth, and to guiding our clients towards a future they are ready to embrace.
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